Education is a gift that lasts a lifetime

Education is a gift that lasts a lifetime.  This is the tagline of my blog.  

Have you ever wondered why?

It's because of my mom.  
My mom in the fields of Texas. (circa 1960s)
My mom was born and raised in the great state of Texas. As a child, she worked in the fields picking cotton, pecans and an array of other items. She spent most of her days in the fields rather than in the classroom. The days she was able to go to school, it was anything but welcoming. She and her siblings were ridiculed about their clothes, color of skin and even the lunch they ate. Eventually, she stopped going. My mother never went to school past fourth grade.

Yet, she never gave up on the thought that with an education you could achieve greater success.  She always promoted school and learning.

Education is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

I have spent my entire teaching career in schools whose students look much like my mom and me.  Families and students who have a similar story as my childhood; children of sometimes limited educated families who are doing their best to make ends meet.

As a teacher, I know that what/how I teach will impact my students and their future.

I do my best to create a learning environment where kids and learning come first. We read, create, experiment, play, and work hard. I do my best to incorporate my students' needs and interests when I create my lessons.  I teach to "the book" but know when to ditch "the book."

Education is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

So, you can only imagine how much it pains me to hear a colleague or other teacher say, "I don't have time for x, y, z." (Usually, science, socials studies, or any other non-tested subject).

How can we possibly set our kids up for success, if we are not providing them the education that they deserve?

Education is a gift that lasts a lifetime. 

I like to wonder, what might have happened if my mom had been given the opportunity of an education?


  1. First of all, you are a spitting image of your mother! I loved hearing her story and how even though she stopped going to school, she still recognized the value of education and clearly passed on those values to you! It's frustrating when it feels like parents of the students in our classes prioritize so many other things before school. Thanks for sharing!

    Paiges of Learning

  2. What a lovely tribute to your mom! I love your tagline and your philosophy of what to prioritize in our teaching!

  3. I loved this post! Thank you so much for sharing! I really love to hear about parents that are wise like your mom, even though they never go a chance to really pursue their education. So inspiring!

  4. Mrs. Parker,
    What a beautiful post, thank you for sharing. Your students are so lucky to have you! Melissa


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