Earth Day #CardboardChallenge

This year, my class is participating in the #CardboardChallenge in honor of Earth Day.

What is the #cardboardchallenge?  Inspired by the response to Caine's Arcade, it is a global event which invites children to create, build, and play using cardboard, recycled materials and their imagination.   

I am so excited to be joining this event.  We all know that a child's imagination is endless and their love for boxes is like no other.  I think this is a perfect way for us to honor our Earth.
I am also excited that this builds upon all the good things in education like play, imagination, collaboration and perseverance.
 Go here for more information.  You can also see what others have created via Twitter using the hashtag #cardboardchallenge
Not sure if this is for you, watch this video and be prepared to be inspired. 

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