Creating Green Screen Videos

Have you ever wondered how to create a video using a green screen? Do you consider yourself a novice when it comes to some aspects of technology? If you said, yes to either of these questions, I felt the same way.

For the past few weeks, my class has learned all about the weather. I knew that I wanted my students to become meteorologists. I saw many creations like this one on Twitter that inspired me to stretch myself as a teacher and learner.

Using the app DoInk, I was able to layer a video and image with a few easy steps.

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First, I found an area in my room to film. I choose a small corner which did not interfere with our day to day learning. It was a large enough area where I could hang my green screen which I created by using this. Then, I filmed my students in front of the screen using my smartphone.

The app will merge your video and an image together to create the video.

Ta-da! You've just created a layered video! Save and your done!

I wish I could show you the videos my students created. They are as precious as they are. We had a viewing party of Friday as a conclusion of our learning. It was a great way to incorporate technology in a meaningful way.

Please note: DoInk did not ask me to write about their product. 

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