Too Many Tamales

Too Many Tamales

I love holiday stories! There is something so special about these books and the messages that they convey. I find myself buying more every year but also have discovered that I rely on some tried and true books around this time of year.  With the madness of assessments, parent conferences and the holidays approaching; it is nice to rely on some wonderful favorites that can also be used for teaching purposes. 

I love how this book, Too Many Tamales, celebrates family traditions.  For many of my students and myself included, it would not be the Christmas season without the making of tamales.  In this charming story, Maria discovers the importance of telling the truth rather than covering up for one's mistakes.  While making tamales, Maria tires on her mother's diamond ring and misplaces it.  In her panic, she and her cousins eat all the tamales trying to find the diamond ring within the masa.  Later, Maria learns that her mother had the ring all along.  After reading the story, we will complete a story map based on the problem and solution

My favorite Froggy story.  We used this story recently to work on problem and solution.

 The Gingerbread Kid Goes to School (All Aboard Reading)
What happens when the principal takes a gingerbread cookie to school?  Read this story to find out.
Mrs. Wishy-Washy's Christmas
Discover how Mrs. Wishy-Washy's animals get ready for the Christmas holiday. 

Happy Teaching and Learning!


  1. I just love Mrs. Wishy Washy! She's so cute! I think I am going to be her for book character dress up day next year.

    We are doing problem/solution next week so I'll be using that story map. Thanks!

    P.S. Be sure to post a pic of the candle holders you are making with your kids.

  2. Oh no! I just tried to download the story map and the link won't work. Maybe you can check it.

  3. The link has been fixed. Let me know if you have any other problems.


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