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Have you read this book, Twelve Hats for Lena, by Karen Katz?  It is a story about a little girl, Lena, who makes a hat for each month of the year. I always like to read it at the start of the new year.  (Another recommendation is to read it during the unit of study of time as related to months of the year and days of the week.)  As you read the book, you get a sense of what each month has in store.  Sometimes, that is a very hard concept to understand here in California, where our seasons seem to blend from one to the other.

By the time, we head back to class from Winter Break, we will be in the middle of January.  I hope to get my class to understand that as a new year begins, we repeat the months of the year.   We will make a class book, Twelve Hats for Room 3. I've created this Twelve Hats for Lena document to help get me started.  It is a collection of different hats that I can copy and resize if needed.  Children will choose which hat they would like to use for their month.  Then, they will use paper face cut-outs to put the hat onto and decorate both.  I have the cover page and months ready to go.  We will end up with two class books.  I think this will give us a great opportunity to compare similarities and differences in each of our hats. 

But the fun won't stop there!  Each child will make a paper hat to wear.  My class loves hats!  They will have more room for creativitiy like Lena had and hope to let them use some of my calendar pieces like these.


Here are some other favorite books, I will read as we do this mini-unit of study.

Month by Month a Year Goes RoundChicken Soup with Rice: A Book of Months  My Love for You All Year Round 

 Happy Teaching and Learning!


  1. This book looks adorable! Can't wait to find it at the library! Thanks for sharing...we are actually doing timelines when we get back from break and this book will go great with that!

  2. Just found your blog! LOVE it! Did you ever make a powerpoint for the vowels? I would love to see it if you did.


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