Lesson Planning

Does your desk look like this after planning? Please, tell me, I'm not the only one!

I went into my classroom today for a few hours to get some long term planning started. Luckily, we don't go back until next week.  I like to look at my assessment results from last trimester and reflect about what I need to do next to get my students to perform to their fullest potential. 

Although, I do not do resolutions, I do like to make goals for myself each trimester.  This trimester, I plan to,
  • communicate learning targets with students and parents more frequently.
  • do more strategic guided reading and writing groups.
  • begin using the Common Core Standards in the area of reading and writing to familarize myself with them. 
  • stay organized.
I think I set some high expectations for myself.  I'll be blogging about these topics, too.

Happy Learning and Teaching!

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