Changing Seats

New year usually means new seats.  I usually do not have assigned seating in my classroom but this year, I have a few students who need my help in making good choices for learning.  To help me know where everyone is at, I attach some painters tape on the back of the chairs.  Makes changing seats a lot quicker.

Do you have any organizational tips that you would like to share?  Leave a comment. 


  1. I love the chair pockets they sell on Lakeshore or Really Good Stuff.

  2. If your kids do not have assigned seats, how do you organize your writing notebooks, math journals, etc so the kids can quickly access them from where ever they may be seated? Do you ahve community supplies or do you use personal boxes?

  3. Kelly,
    We have community supplies and folders, notebooks, etc. usually go into their book box for easier access.

  4. I use mailing labels on the edges of the tables to assign seating in my pre-k classroom. This is easiest on the teachers too because we have to stack our chairs each night and it is difficult to remember where the chairs go otherwise! I just remind my students not to pick at the labels. :)


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