Our Friend Martin

Our Friend, Martin

Have you used this DVD during your Martin Luther King unit? I usually have a hard time finding it. So this year, I planned ahead and bought it from Amazon.com. I was lucky and bought it used for under $15. A deal! I usually have the class watch it over a period of days. It does contain some disturbing scenes regarding segregation but also valuable teaching opportunities. I always pause and explain scenes as we watch. Perhaps, you will try it with your class.

Happy Teaching and Learning!


  1. I love and have used this DVD as well (well it was actually a VHS. Thanks for reminding me now!

  2. I have used it each year on VHS also. Glad to know they have put it out on DVD.

  3. I wish we had that!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have used it for years in second grade and in first grade. I also have the VHS version. I would love to have the DVD since we have ActivBoards now. This year I am concentrating on diversity in honor of Martin Luther King. After thinking about the movie, this is probably a good time to introduce our service project too.


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