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Take a look at what my students are doing during the Word Work portion of Daily 5.  These  multi-level games and manipulatives will be accessible all trimester long.  Very few changes will occur.  As a busy mom and teacher, I just have found it easier for me to change these less often.  During the Word Study portion of our day, we will focus on the key standards we are learning for the week.  These centers are used to review skills or to reinforce skills we will learn this trimester.

 Students match the sight word.  This a good game for my lower level students.
 Again, most of my kiddos don't need this game, but a few do.
 The kids love these Word Family houses; especially the crossword puzzles.
 This game covers lots of skills.
 To help alleviate arguments, I write the directions and limit games to 2 to 3 people.  Less talk, too! 
I update this game by adding seasonal notepads.  Kids write their list of words onto the notepads.
 Homemade playdoh makes this center a BIG hit in our classroom!
 We love beads! 
 There are currently 3 different types of Bingo games; 2 word family games and this one.
 I put the rhyming sheets into page protectors and instantly turned this into a functional game for my students. 
 This set contains 3 more games that will be applicable our final trimester.

Wondering where I found this games? Most came from Lakeshore, Oriental Trading or Really Good Stuff

Happy Teaching and Learning!


  1. I have heard about the Daily 5 and read some about it. Currently, all my students go to reading group at the same time, so there is no need (or time!) for centers this year. I know this setup will not last, so I am going to look into Daily 5. Where are those trucks from? Do kids use magnetic letters on them or what? I like them! I bet I could make some!

  2. I highly recommend reading The Daily 5. It is more than just another center book. As for the trucks, it was a Lakeshore purchase. They came with foam letters. And, yes, you could easily make this! Luckily, I got mine for free from my principal.

  3. I do the Daily 5 and LOVE it! I had not thought of using the letter beads. Thanks for the idea!


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