Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  

It was an exciting day all around our campus!  In our classroom, we celebrated today with rainbows! We conducted an experiment using milk, food coloring, and Dawn dish detergent to see how colors mix and react to one another.  Read more about how to here.



We also practiced for our writing prompt by using these delicious cupcakes as inspiration.

Earlier in the week, we took a break from testing to make last minute Leprechaun traps.  Let's just say we had 40 minutes after 2 hours of testing and they needed a break.  Here is what the kids created with very limited resources, time and no teacher help.
 Notice the Leprechaun hats and the Keebler Elf cookies.
 I love how this group took turns and problem solved.  
They couldn't spell party.  So, someone said, "It's in my book." 
They went and got the book to use.  Love it!
 These kids found a balloon and blew it up to attract the 
Leprechaun.  Inside a sign that reads, "I like gold." They hoped 
to entice the Leprechaun with the sign and balloon.

Happy Teaching and Learning!

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