Clouds, Clouds and More Clouds

It was a great week for cloud watching in southern California!  The kids really loved watching the clouds and naming them using their newly found knowledge.  We created this anchor chart together as we read The Cloud Book.  I also had one of my students take notes for us on a dry erase board as we read.  Some of the work is displayed. As we created the anchor chart, students wrote a fact or two onto their Cloud Book.  

Later in the week, we made cloud mobiles.  Students needed to place the clouds based on where they are located in the sky.   Students also wrote a few facts about clouds. One of my little ones described cirrus clouds as "clouds that look like duck's wings."  Love it!

Lastly, we created a bulletin board displayed based on It Looked Like Spilt Milk.  I turned out so cute and will be a welcoming treat for families as they visit for conference week.  Here are a few up close views.  

  A butterfly                                                                                         An octopus

Happy Teaching and Learning!

P.S.  All the graphics are from Lettering Delights!  Go grab yours today!

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  1. How cool!!!! Love it! I'll be pinning your cloud chart to use in my weather unit :D



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