Ten Things I've Learned From Teaching

I'm joining Rowdy in First Grade's Linky Party! Here is my list.


  1. Never have cake for birthday parties. Cake is too messy and takes way too long to serve. Always ask for cupcakes and juice.
  2. A bandaid can fix anything. Keep plenty on hand.
  3. Always watch what you say. There have been many times when I tell the kids to follow me and they literally stand up and do what I'm doing.
  4. Always have a Kleenex box on every table. No one wants to clean up a snot filled table. Yuck!
  5. Start the day with a song. Yes, everyday! Nothing unifies a group more than sharing a song.
  6. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Actually, celebrate them. I let my kids know that I will make mistakes. I also let them know I will learn from them too. Mistakes help me become a better teacher.
  7. Say I love you. Many children may not hear this. Let them know they are loved.
  8. Love what you do.  Teaching children is an awesome responsibility.  Love it or leave it!  The kids deserve the best.
  9. Pencils are a teachers worst nightmare. They always need sharpening.  
  10. Start the day with coffee.  On a bad day, treat yourself to retail therapy.  :)

Happy Teaching and Learning!


  1. Your #3 is OH SO TRUE, especially for students with autism. A couple of years ago, I had a student that kept getting out of his seat so I told him to "glue his bottom to his chair." Well...a couple minutes later, I look over and he is rubbing his glue stick on his chair. This was the first of many glues, that testing needed to be done. He was diagnosed with Asberger's a couple of months later :)


  2. Love retail therapy it can cure a horrible day ;)

  3. I love #7 and I've done it since 1989! There is nothing sweeter than meeting a grown up in a public place and they throw their arms around you and tell you they STILL LOVE YOU! Keep it up, you make a difference!

  4. I agree with #5, I try to add as many songs as I can throughout the day.


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