A Proud Teacher Moment

Teaching is sometimes about those little things that add up to be a much bigger thing.

Here he is highlighting all "the" independently after shared reading.

One of my special education students raised his hand as high as it could, to find the word "the."  This was completely unprompted.  I had just begun my book introduction when he said, "Me know" and read the word.

This child had not been ready due to skill level and behaviors to learn the sight words.  Well, after spring break, we began the journey of learning to read.  Each week, I choose a word.  We sing, write, and read the word.  His aides or I give him tokens for reading the word during informal settings.  This totally proves that he can do it!  I was such a proud teacher today.  I touched this child's life.  I taught him to know that he is a reader.  He can.  For so much of his learning, he never knew that he could.  Today, he learned that lesson; we are all readers!

Happy Learning and Teaching!


  1. That is awesome! I'm sure it's a moment he'll remember for a long time.

  2. Yay - Well done. Remember this post for those hard days. You deserve full praise for perseverance.
    Usually, when the kid recognises that he CAN get it, it becomes the moment when he starts taking off.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. this is wonderful! thank you so much for sharing! we definitely have the most rewarding job!! :-)

  4. Love this! Job well done :) THIS is the reason we do what we do!



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