Salt Box Writing

Trying to find a "new way" to teach spelling words, letter or number formation? Have you used shaving cream but found it too messy? Well, a salt box may be a simple solution.  All you need is some salt and a container.  For this application, less salt is best.

Here are a few pictures of my kids in action.
 Using a salt box is a great sensory activity.
This student is practicing writing -oy and -oi words.

Students are using the Sounds Fun Phonics during this teacher directed lesson.

I plan to use Salt Box Writing a lot more next year when I return to kindergarten.  I hope that this will be an engaging activity that will help with letter and number formation.

Happy Teaching and Learning!


  1. I use Heidi's Sound Cards too and love them!!


  2. What a simple, fun idea :)


  3. I used salt writing years ago when I was working with little kids and I have completely forgotten about it - so thanks for reminding me.
    Yes - shaving cream is so messy. I have used a sandbox before but think I am going to go raid my cupboards for salt now.

  4. I love this activity! I've always used colored sand and metal cake pans...your idea is probably much cheaper! :)
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  5. Great idea and much easier to clean up!

  6. works really well with fragrant tea leaves too!

  7. I love this idea! My kids will love it!
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    Peace, Mel D
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