To Infinity and Beyond - Phonics

Phonics has been a blast in our classroom.  Literally.  We have been playing my version of Toy Story Mania.  I found these cute graphics  and used them to create flashcards to help learn the -oy and -oi sound and spelling pattern.
What made this lesson so much fun was that the class got to use Buzz Astro Blasters to read the word.  The first team to buzz in with their Astro Blaster and read the word earned a point.
The level of engagement was out of this world!  What do you do to make phonics fun?

Happy Teaching and Learning!


  1. What a cute idea! Where'd you find the "Buzz Blasters?"

  2. Also wondering where you found them... I can't find them in google!

  3. I purchased them at Disneyland. Email me if you'd like to know more. same name as blog at

  4. Would you share the cards? My son use to have the little voice machine, I think I got rid of it. I hate when I get rid of my children's toys as they grow up, then find a teaching idea for them!

  5. Busy Bee,
    I'm sorry I can't share these because of the Terms of Use. But visit the site and make your own. It is super easy! Word will do but it is even easier using PowerPoint.

  6. Okay, this post made me a follower :) I love Disneyland! Super idea!


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