Working the Teen Numbers

Booklet from Kindergarten Works

My class loves composing and decomposing numbers.  They feel like math rock stars!  I am so proud of their hard work and thinking about number.  The Common Core asks children to think more about the quantities rather than just memorize how to count and write numbers.  Visualizing quantities is important for mathematical understanding.

We began this work early in the year during calendar as we talked about the date and its value.  Next, we moved to learning our teen numbers using a Number Train.  We are now composing and decomposing our teens.

I must admit, it has been much easier to teach because of the many fabulous teacher created resources from bloggers like you.   You have made teaching this skill easier and time saving.

Here are some of my favorite resources to teach Teen Numbers.
Leslie from Kindergarten Works has many resources (similar to the one above) that help teach teen numbers.
I like this, this and this from Maria at Kinder - Craze. She has really inexpensive resources that I use all the time in my room.

Lastly, I purchased this from Kroger's Kindergarten.  Although, we do not do Morning Work, I plan to use it as homework.  I am so excited about this because it is so difficult to find Common Core aligned assignments.   I've also put her Valentine's Day Math Books on my Wish List; they are great for building numbers to 5 and 10.

Finally, here is a quick Ten Plus Some More Exit Slip  that I plan to use with my students.  There are three different sheets so that I can distribute them at random as a quick progress monitoring assessment.

Learning the teen numbers can be fun!

Happy Teaching!
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  1. So many great ideas! Thanks for sharing! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  2. It seems we K teachers are all teaching the same math concepts right now. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
    ✿Tiffani Time 4 Kindergarten

  3. Great tips to share - so neat to hear that your kids feel like rock stars. They are! Thanks for sharing your exit slips!
    -Leslie @KindergartenWorks

  4. Thanks for sharing these ideas. I love when kids think they are "rock stars!"

  5. Love this-thanks for sharing. I didn't know about Kindergarten Works, and thanks to this post, I've gone and checked out her store and bought something!

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher


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