Links, Links and More Links

Links, Links and More Links and I'm Not Talking about Hot Links.
(A Post Title That Reminds Me of Fran from Kindergarten Crayons)

Have you been following Debbie Diller's Math Work Station blog study all summer?  Are you just starting to blog? Well, it is not too late to join my linky party!  Share your ideas, thoughts, and freebies.  Go here.  I hope to update my sidebar with a quick reference once our blog study is over.  Can you believe it?  This is the last and final week.

PhotobucketAs I am getting ready to say farewell to my school year, many of you are thinking about back to school.  Well, I have the Linky Party just for those of us who LOVE books.  I have discovered some wonderful blogs and great book recommendations.  I just received my first box from Amazon a few days ago to prove it.  Whether you decide to link up or blog stalk, I'm sure you will find something that interests you.

And did I mention, I am having a Giveaway?  The deadline is fast approaching. One lucky reader will get HeidiSongs Sounds Fun Phonics CD and flashcards. Go here for more details.

Happy Learning and Teaching!

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