November Book Picks

For the past few months, I have shared what I am planning to read to my students.  I have loved the ability to collaborate with you on your book picks.  As a result, each month, I will host a monthly Book Picks Linky Party where you will have the opportunity to link up and share your favorites, too.

This month is a smorgasbord of literature focusing on nutrition, Veteran's Day, and Thanksgiving. 

Come back soon for a few ideas to go along with some of the stories I will read this month.

Happy Reading!


  1. Hero Dad is a recent purchase for me. I think I bought it 6 months ago and find it so hard to read. I live close to West Point and Stewart Air National Guard Base. We have a lot of military and it just hits home. I loved seeing this book on your list!

  2. I LOVE, did I say LOVE, Nature's Paintbox for its beautiful poetry and each season is a different art medium. A wonderfully rich book for talking about all the seasons. It is by Patricia Thomas.


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