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Today was our 36th day of school.  The kids are growing as learners academically and socially. But sometimes, it can feel like I/we run a marathon; our pace is fast and almost non-stop. There is such rigor in kindergarten and I am thankful each day that I have a full day to teach all the content that students are expected to master. An additional stress this year, is that my school is in Program Improvement Year 2. :(

Despite the challenge, I am pleased with some of the changes that I have made because of you! Blogging has opened my world to a new professional learning community. As a result, I can see my students benefiting from my learning. I have changed my word wall to look more like this. We worked on patterns using Fran's wonderful resource. (I may never staple a book the same way again!) We sing and dance away our sight words using HeidiSongs (click on the side bar for more info.).

Here is a little thank you gift to all the wonderful teachers who are supporting me; sometimes in ways I never imagined.  This game was created to help my students continue to count and master numbers to 10.  I like how as students work on this, they are also beginning to learn about "making a 10."  The kids love it!  To play, place 10 red/yellow counters in a plastic container.  We use these.  The child counts how many red and how many yellow and colors the amount onto the Ten Frame.

Happy Teaching and Learning!


  1. I totally agree with you! BUT I have a half day to fit it all in! There just isn't time! I also agree that I feel like I am growing as a teacher just by getting to peek into so many amazing classrooms! Thank you for letting me peek into yours! I know my students will love the new game (and it goes right along well with my math curriculum). Happy 36th day!

  2. I was going to make a worksheet for this game today and you just saved me a ton of time! Thanks so much!!

    Oh My Little Classity Class

  3. Thank you so much for this activity- it fits perfectly with the Common Core! I agree that the blogging world is a virtual PLC! :)

    ~ Amy

  4. Thank you for leaving a comment on my recent post! I did the cityscape art project with 20 students (K-1) in a 40-minute time frame. The lesson fits perfectly with a study of shapes and recognizing them in our world. My rubric included a)choose four buildings, b)add two roofs, c)place window shapes in each building, d)add stars in the sky. I thought this might be helpful for you, if you need to line up to standards, etc.!

    And, thanks for the ten frame game! We begin solving addition problems in our workbook this week and I have been laying the groundwork!


  5. I love you site! I am giving you the Blog on Fire Award! Please stop by my site to grab it.

  6. hey,
    i am also a k-1 looping teacher.. I love your blog. Check mine out at

    Sara Zakar

  7. I hear you! Like a marathon is a perfect description! and NEVER quite catching your breath...thanks for the great blog. I posted a shout out to you on my blog for the great sight word dice game! Love it that we can tweak it with our own words!

  8. Shake.Count.Color is perfection!! Thanks bunches for sharing! ~Tracy


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