It's Science, My Dear

I love to see children excited about learning!  There is nothing as rewarding as when children ask when will we have science.   We began our venture into the world of science during our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom mini unit.

To begin, we watched this video.
This was a perfect way to start our investigation.  I loved how we were able to conduct the experiments right along with the video.  Students were able to make a hypothesis, conduct the experiment and see if prediction was correct.

We also used a simple data sheet to record our learning.

Check back later in the week to see more of our learning.  In the meantime, don't forget to check out other videos at 
Science Week

Happy Teaching and Learning!


  1. What a blessing it must be to be in your class!

    Your post reminded me of a lesson I did some time ago after reading Eggbert, the Slightly Cracked Egg. I hard boiled an egg and dyed it so I could draw a crack with black sharpee marker. Then we predicted sink or float. Well, it sinks . . . so we talk about how he felt in the book by not fitting in, sad, lonely, etc. Then, I asked how much kindness we'd have to sprinkle on him to get him to float . . . . predict again . . . and start sprinkling sugar. Have the kids think of nice things they could say or do to help bring him to the top. Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle. He'll eventually surface with enough salt added to the water. Science and FUN!


  2. Ooooops . . . I meant sprinkle SALT (not sugar!). We pretend it's sugar cause it represents kindness. Sorry about that.

  3. I remembering seeing that Sesame Street video awhile back. Thanks for the reminder because I plan to do a sink or float lesson soon! :) Oh, and THANK YOU for the data sheets!!

  4. Omg- Love this! Love this! Love this! Science week has been so awesome, right?!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  5. I love all your fun coconut tree activities. It's great that you introduced a fun, meaningful science activity too. Fantastic!


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