My Turn. Your Turn.

I began using My Turn. Your Turn. at the suggestion of the special education teacher to help our students who were mainstreamed into my classroom.  It was a term that she used with them to know when it was "Their Turn" or "Her Turn."  As an inclusion teacher, I realized how important it was to have common language.  I also liked how well they responded to it.  Many children have trouble realizing when it is appropriate to talk or in their cases just get up and move onto something else.   What I realized while using it with them was how well all my students responded to the term.  If a student interrupted, I asked "Who's turn is it?".  Many times, silence followed.

Now, that I am "starting all over" in kindergarten, I have been using this with my students.   They are doing very well with it too.  During the teacher directed lesson, I will say, "It's my turn."  I remind them that during My Turn,  I will do most of the talking.  I also let them know that it will be Their Turn next.  If a student interrupts inappropriately I simply say "My turn." If they keep talking, I ignore.  Most times, it works.  I must also note, that I have a really quite class so far.  (We're still in the honeymoon stage.)  I also have a fair amount of students who are non-verbal; by choice right now.  We will keep going over this procedure until it is internalized by most students.

Hope this helps those who were curious.

Happy Teaching and Learning!


  1. Thank you for sharing. I teach 1st and am having so much trouble with my little ones interrupting me and blurting out (even with constant reminders that I am always happy to call on friends who raise their hands after I finish speaking). i will be trying this out on Monday!

  2. Thanks for the idea! I'll have to try this next week. :)

  3. Great idea! Don't you just love when something so simple actually works!? I'm having a "life saving teacher tips" linky party right now:) This would fit perfectly! I would LOVE for you to link up!!;)
    Little Warriors

  4. I like this idea too! I also have a VERY chatty class (even though I only have 12) and I'm having a hard time teaching without constant interruptions. I'll have to try this next week. Thanks!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!


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