What is it? Letter or Number?

This week we worked on identifying words, letters, numbers and shapes.  I noticed some students were confused with these terms when I gave them their initial assessments.   This was especially true of my students who did not come to school with this basic vocabulary or are learning English.   We created this chart together.

Each child was given a card and had to think where it belonged.  I gave my experts the cards first and asked how they knew the answer.  Later, as part of their math workstation, the students sorted their own set.

Click here to get yours.
If you plan to use these with your students, please leave a comment.   Happy Friday!

Happy Teaching and Learning!


  1. Gonna try it with my kinders! Thanks for sharing..........

  2. Great idea! I will try this with my KG and 1st grade ELLs-

  3. I am the school librarian and love this activity because I can make a big wall hanging and have all my k classes participate!

  4. I love that Sarah, the school librarian, is going to use this with the kinder classes! :o) I plan to use this with my k class, too. Thank you, lovely Mrs. Parker, for sharing your printables. :o)

  5. This is soooo useful. Thank you for sharing this freebie! I am wondering...what DID your students say when you asked them to explain how they knew. How do YOU explain it? Do you tell them, "If you see it in the alphabet on our wall, it is a letter. If it is in our number set on the wall, it is number." etc. Something like that?

  6. Good question. My student said they knew it was a word because it was long with lots of letters. I still had kids confuse letters and words but as they did that, I would place their cards in both columns so that they could see where it would go. It helped. The circle was a good conversation about how it looked like it could fit as a letter, number, or shape.

  7. Super ELL activity. I temporarily had a student who spoke Swahili and this would have been great.


  8. Today I thought I should review letter, number, word with my pre-k's and then I saw it on your site. I love that I don't have to make it. Thank you!


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