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Science Week
Join me in sharing your favorite science experiments and activities from your classroom or home.  I shared one recently here.

The next science lesson we conducted, tied into our mini unit but also served to support the needs of my students.  My class this year is primarily English Language Learners who have limited vocabulary.  I wanted this lesson to be interactive but also helped to build academic vocabulary.

This lesson was conducted over a period of days.  On the first day we used our senses to describe the outside of a coconut.  On the next day we opened up the coconut and repeated the same procedure.

Here is what our findings revealed.

Throughout the process, children were encouraged to think of better words than "circle" or " taste good." This was especially true when investigating the inside.  They easily could say it was white but it took many times of touching the coconut to get someone to say if felt wet and to explain why.  In the future, I plan to conduct a science experiment for each of the senses.  I found some very simple experiments to try.

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